IntelliJ IDEA 2020.1 Help

Configuring Modules with Seam Support

Seam support requires a thorough approach to the module configuration. It is essential that all the necessary facets are enabled, and the libraries are defined. Thus you will be able to annotate your code, use import assistance, code completion and other productivity features of IntelliJ IDEA.

To configure Seam support in a module

  1. Add Seam facet to the desired module.

  2. If you have not configured libraries for Seam in advance, the facet page displays the list of missing libraries. To resolve the problem, click the Fix button. In the Specify Libraries dialog, specify whether you would like to use one of the existing libraries, or download the missing archive. You can control the target location where the archive will be placed, the library name, and the level on which the library will be created.

  3. Edit the configuration files provided by other facets (web.xml, ejb-jar.xml, faces-config.xml, hibernate configuration files etc) to include Seam-specific elements.

  4. Create the necessary Seam files (, components.xml, pages.xml and so on).

Last modified: 15 April 2020