IntelliJ IDEA 2020.1 Help

Endpoints tool window

The Endpoints tool window provides an aggregated view of both client and server APIs used in your project for HTTP and WebSocket protocols. You can also extend the view to all projects that are open in IntelliJ IDEA.




The Show From Open Projects button

Show From Open Projects

Include endpoints defined in other open projects and highlight them with a yellow background. This may be helpful, for example, if you have server and client code in separate projects.

The Show From Libraries button

Show From Libraries

Include endpoints defined in libraries and highlight them with a yellow background.

The Show Empty Groups button

Show Empty Groups

Include all available frameworks, modules, and projects even if there are no endpoints defined for them.

The Show Details button

Show Details

Open an extra pane with endpoint details: the corresponding class, method, and so on.

The Group By menu

Group By

Select how you want to group endpoints in the list.

  • Clear all: list all detected endpoints without grouping

  • Project: group all detected endpoints by projects where they are defined

  • Module: group all detected endpoints by modules where they are defined

  • Endpoint Type: group all detected endpoints by their type (Server, Client, API)

  • Framework: group all detected endpoints by corresponding frameworks

  • Endpoint Source: group all detected endpoints by their source (the class or file where it is defined with a relative path)

The Add Remote OpenAPI Specification button

Edit Remote OpenAPI Specifications

Add an external OpenAPI specification to include endpoints from this specification in the Endpoints tool window and highlight them with a yellow background. This also adds URLs defined in the specification to code completion.

For more information, see Add a remote OpenAPI specification.

The Generate HTTP Request button

Generate HTTP Request

Generate an HTTP request based on the selected endpoint in a scratch file named generated-requests.http, from which you can execute the request.

For more information, see HTTP client.

IntelliJ IDEA provides code completion for endpoint URLs that you write in your source code and in injected URL references. You can also navigate from the Endpoints tool window or from endpoint usages to the relevant endpoint declaration using the Go to Declaration action Ctrl+B or Ctrl+Click.

Last modified: 15 April 2020