IntelliJ IDEA 2020.2 Help

Full-text search for databases

You can search for data in your databases or a group of databases without knowing data exact location.

Search for data in databases, schemes, and separate tables

  1. In the Database tool window (View | Tool Windows | Database), select objects in which you want to perform your search. You can select a database or a group of databases, a scheme or schemes, or even separate tables.

  2. Right-click the selection and select Full-text search. Alternatively, press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F.

  3. In the search field of the Full-text Search dialog, type your search request and press Search.

  4. In the Find tool window, review search results. To open a database object, double-click it. To return to the Find tool window (View | Tool Windows | Find), press Alt+3.

Search for data in databases

Full-text search options

Match caseSearches only for those instances that are written the same way as the query (preserving the case). A search for Index will return Index, Indexes, Indexing but not index.

Searches for a given combination of characters in words. For example, if you search for ETTE, you receive all LIKE '%\ETTE%' results (ANNETTE, JEANETTE, GILLETTE, BETTE) from all the columns.

Search anywhere in string
Start with

Searches for a given combination of characters in the word beginning. For example, if you search for JO, you receive all LIKE 'JO%' results (JOHNSON, JONES, JOYCE, JOAN) from all the columns.

Prefix search
Ends with

Searches for a given combination of characters in the word beginning. For example, if you search for TIN, you receive all LIKE '%TIN' results (MARTIN, AUSTIN, KRISTIN, JUSTIN) from all the columns.

Suffix search

Searches for an exact combination of characters. For example, if you search for BETTE, you receive all LIKE 'BETTE' results BETTE from all the columns.

Full match search
LIKE pattern

Searches for a combination of characters and SQL wildcards. For example, you can search for a_%_% and find any LIKE 'a_%_%' results that start with a and have at least 3 characters in length ANDERSON, ALLEN, AMY, ANNA.

LIKE pattern search
Text columnsSearches only in columns that support the LIKE operation. For example, CHAR, VARCHAR, TINYTEXT, TEXT, and DATE (Oracle).
Only columns with full-text search indexesSearches only in columns that have a created index. This feature is supported only for PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB. The query for PostgreSQL is where col @@ plainto_tsquery('query'). The query for MySQL and MariaDB is where match(col) against ('query' in natural language mode).
Numeric columnsSearches only in columns with the numeric data type like INT, MEDIUMINT, SMALLINT, BIGINT and others.
All columnsSearches in all types of columns. For example, you can run this search to find a JSON element.
Show first N matches per table/viewLimits a number of found results for a table or a view.
TargetsShows a list of databases or database objects where you perfrom your search.
Last modified: 30 July 2020