IntelliJ IDEA 2020.2 Help


IntelliJ IDEA's support for JavaServer Faces (JSF) includes:

  • JSF-aware coding assistance with code completion.

  • JSF code formatting and folding as well as syntax and error highlighting.

  • Graphical editor for defining page navigation rules.

  • JSF 2.0 support, in particular:

    • Annotated Managed Beans support with code completion, rename refactoring, usage search, go to declaration, and more. Possibility to reference managed beans directly from Java code.

    • Improved template support (completion, validation and navigation for the name attribute of the ui:define tag).

    • Support for ActionSources and ValueHolders.

    • Support for the targets attribute of composite components.

    • Extended support for EL in composite components implementation, and more.

  • Dedicated JSF tool window that aggregates all JSF-related configurations in a single place, and lets you easily analyze and navigate to both annotated and xml elements.

  • @ResourceDependencies and @ResourceDependency annotations support.

  • Simplified navigation rules support including completion for neighbor pages and absolute paths, usage search, and rename refactoring.

  • Resource Handlers support: code completion, syntax and error highlighting, usage search and refactorings.

  • Composite components support: code completion, refactorings, usage search and more.

  • Code completion, error highlighting, and basic refactorings for the most popular JSF component libraries, including:

Last modified: 08 May 2020