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Problems tool window

This tool window is activated automatically when the background compilation is confirgured.

The Problems tool window only displays compiler errors that occurred as the result of the automatic build operation. On each autobuild, the list is updated with new errors, and old errors are deleted. If you launch the build operation manually while the autobuild is enabled, the errors from this operation will also be displayed in the Problems tool window as well as in the Messages tool window.


ItemTooltip and shortcutDescription
the Previous Message buttonPrevious message Ctrl+Alt+UpClick this button to jump to the previous message.
the Next Message button Next Message Ctrl+Alt+DownClick this button to jump to the next message.
the Export to Text file buttonExport to Text File Alt+OClick this button if you want to export the contents of the tool window to a text file. Specify the name of the target file in the dialog that opens, and click Save.
the Help iconHelpClick this button to open IntelliJ IDEA help.
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Ctrl+NumPad -
Use these buttons to have all nodes expanded or collapsed.
Autoscroll to SourceAutoscroll to SourceIf this option is enabled, when you select a message in the Problems tool window, the focus in the editor automatically switches to the corresponding line in the source code.
the Compiler Properties buttonCompiler PropertiesClick this button to open compiler settings.
Last modified: 16 September 2020