IntelliJ IDEA 2020.3 Help

Keyboard Shortcuts: macOS Keymap

IntelliJ IDEA's top keyboard shortcuts

Basic editing

Paste as Plain Text⌥⇧⌘V
Paste from History...⇧⌘V
Paste from History...⇧⌘V
Duplicate Line or Selection⌘D
Copy Paths⇧⌘C
Copy Reference⌥⇧⌘C
Save All⌘S
Indent Selection
Unindent Line or Selection⇧⇥
Start New Line⇧⏎
Start New Line Before Current⌥⌘⏎
Delete Line⌘⌫
Toggle Case⇧⌘U
Scratch File⇧⌘N
Open source in new window⇧F4

Caret navigation

Move Caret to Previous Word⌥←
Move Caret to Next Word⌥→
Move Caret to Line Start
Move Caret to Line End
Move Caret to Matching Brace⌃M
Move Caret to Code Block Start⌥⌘[
Move Caret to Code Block End⌥⌘]
Next Method⌃↓
Previous Method⌃↑
Move Caret to Page Top⌘⇞
Move Caret to Page Bottom⌘⇟
Page Up
Page Down
Move Caret to Text Start⌘↖
Move Caret to Text End⌘↘

Select text

Select All⌘A
Left with Selection⇧←
Right with Selection⇧→
Move Caret to Previous Word with Selection⌥⇧←
Move Caret to Next Word with Selection⌥⇧→
Move Caret to Line Start with Selection⇧↖
Move Caret to Line End with Selection⇧↘
Up with Selection⇧↑
Down with Selection⇧↓
Move Caret to Code Block Start with Selection⌥⇧⌘[
Move Caret to Code Block End with Selection⌥⇧⌘]
Move Caret to Page Top with Selection⇧⌘⇞
Move Caret to Page Bottom with Selection⇧⌘⇟
Page Up with Selection⇧⇞
Page Down with Selection⇧⇟
Move Caret to Text Start with Selection⇧⌘↖
Move Caret to Text End with Selection⇧⌘↘
Extend Selection⌥↑
Shrink Selection⌥↓
Add Selection for Next Occurrence⌃G

Coding assistance

Show Intention Actions⌥⏎
Basic Completion⌃Space
Smart Completion⌃⇧Space
Second Basic Completion⌃⌥Space
Complete Current Statement⇧⌘⏎
Reformat Code⌥⌘L
Parameter Info⌘P
Quick DocumentationF1
Move Statement Up⇧⌘↑
Move Statement Down⇧⌘↓
Move Element Left⌥⇧⌘←
Move Statement Right⌥⇧⌘→
Move Line Up⌥⇧↑
Move Line Down⌥⇧↓
Comment with Line Comment⌘/
Comment with Block Comment⌥⌘/

Context navigation

Find everything

Code analysis

Build, Run, Debug


Refactor This...⌃T
Change Signature...⌘F6
Extract Method...⌥⌘M
Introduce Field...⌥⌘F
Introduce Parameter...⌥⌘P
Introduce Variable...⌥⌘V
Safe Delete...⌘⌦

Global VCS actions

Tool Windows

Last modified: 08 March 2021