IntelliJ IDEA 2021.1 Help

IntelliJ IDEA Edu

IntelliJ IDEA Edu enables students to learn the most popular languages such as Java, Kotlin, and Scala through the interactive step-by-step process. IntelliJ IDEA Edu also empowers teachers with tools that help them easily create and manage the educational process.

If you want, you can watch the related video before you continue to learn about IntelliJ IDEA Edu.

You can download IntelliJ IDEA Edu to start working with the tools right away. If you need further instructions, refer to the installation guide.

If you have the IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate or Community version already installed on your machine, you can just install the EduTools plugin.

Install the EduTools plugin

  1. In the Settings/Preferences dialog Ctrl+Alt+S, go to Plugins.

  2. On the Plugins page, click the Marketplace tab.

  3. In the search field enter EduTools. IntelliJ IDEA displays the found plugin.

    Settings/Preferences Plugins page

  4. Click Install and then Restart IDE.

IntelliJ IDEA completes the installation and restarts the IDE.


IntelliJ IDEA Edu offers two roles you can choose from: the learner and the educator.

The learning process takes place inside the IDE, and learners can get familiar with tools that they will use on the real-life programs.

As a learner you can do the following:

  • Browse and join a public interactive programming course, or a custom course created by your teacher.

  • View your private courses and synchronize your progress between different computers by logging in to a learning platform such as Stepik.

  • Work on assignments that are distributed locally by your teacher.

  • Start learning by filling in placeholders in the exercise code according to the task description.

  • Verify tasks, get instant feedback and quick results using an intelligent development tool.

For more details, refer to the Learner Start Guide.

Educators can get access to an additional set of tools to create courses in the IDE.

As an educator you can do the following:

  • Create and customize your own interactive course with tasks, checks, tests, and hints, tune the behavior of your course using advanced features, and so on.

  • Share your course publicly or privately with your students or co-workers.

  • Let learners independently complete their assignments with the assistance of your integrated tests.

For more details, refer to the Educator Start Guide

Select a role

  1. After you download IntelliJ IDEA Edu for the first time, it% prompts you to select a role.
    Select a role

    Select Learner or Educator and click Start using EduTools.

  2. Depending on your role, on the Welcome screen, click the drop-down and start browsing courses, join them, or create your own.

    the Welcome screen

The role can be changed during the working process right inside the IDE by selecting Help | Enable Course Creator Features from the main menu.

Last modified: 15 June 2021