IntelliJ IDEA 2021.2 Help

Event log

View | Tool Windows | Event Log

The Event Log tool window shows information about events that take place in IntelliJ IDEA.

Problems (errors and exceptions) are displayed in red. In such cases, clicking the more link (if present) opens a balloon with a more detailed description of the error or exception. Clicking a description link (depending on the error, the text may be different e.g. NullPointerException) opens the IDE Fatal Errors dialog, which lets you review the error and create a bug report.

Events related to databases are listed in a separate Database tab of the Event Log tool window. For more information, see Database tools and SQL.

Toolbar Buttons




Mark all as read

Mark all as read

Mark all the messages in the Event Log as read.

Clear All

Clear all

Remove all the messages from the Event Log.



Open the Notifications dialog to configure which events should be displayed and logged.

Context Menu



Use Soft Wraps

Enable soft wraps for long event messages.

Scroll to the end

Jump to the end of the Event Log.

Notification display type

Select how popup notifications are displayed for a particular event:

  • No popup: Do not show notifications

  • Balloon: Temporarily show a popup with the notification

  • Sticky Balloon: Show a persistent popup with the notification that should be closed manually

Compare with Clipboard

Open the Differences Viewer to compare the current contents of the system clipboard with the current contents of the Event Log.

Create Gist

Open the Create Gist dialog to share the contents of the Event Log using a Gist

Last modified: 02 August 2022