IntelliJ IDEA 2021.3 Help

Integrate File dialog (Perforce)

Use this dialog to integrate changelists from one branch spec to another.



Branch Spec

Select the branch spec that will be used for change integration. Consider the following:

  • If the Reverse option is enabled, changes are integrated from the selected branch to the local copy.

  • If the Reverse option is disabled, changes are integrated from the local copy to the selected branch.

Integrate changelist

Use this option to invoke the Changes Browser, where you can select the changelist that will be integrated into the current branch/local copy.

Store Changes To Changelist

Specify the changelist where the integrated changes should be stored.

Revert unchanged files before sync (p4 revert -a)

Select this option to revert unchanged files.

Run resolve automatically after the sync (p4 resolve -am)

Select this option to automatically resolve the files that can be resolved without conflicts.

Last modified: 01 August 2022