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Interactive Groovy console

Tools | Groovy Console

Interactive Groovy console can be launched in any project.

Note that if dependencies in your project contain a Groovy library then the specified Groovy library will be used to launch the Groovy console. If the dependencies do not contain a Groovy library then the bundled Groovy library of the Groovy version 2.3.9 will be used.

Editor for Groovy Console

Use the editor for the interactive Groovy console to write and evaluate your code.



the Run button

Click this icon to run the code entered in the editor in the Groovy console. You can view the results in the run tool window for Groovy console.

the Module icon

Click this icon to see the module in which the Groovy console was launched. It might be helpful for multi-module projects.

Run Tool Window for Groovy Console

Use this tool window to view the results of the Groovy console execution.


Tooltip and Shortcut


the Stop button



Click this button to stop the current process.

Clicking the button once invokes soft kill allowing the application to catch the SIGINT event and perform graceful termination (on Windows, the Ctrl+C event is emulated). After the button is clicked once, it is replaced with the Kill Process button indicating that subsequent click will lead to force termination of the application, for example on Unix SIGKILL is sent.

the Close button



Click this button to close the selected tab of the Run tool window and terminate the current process.

previous occurrence next occurrence

Up/down the Stack Trace

Ctrl+Alt+Up     Ctrl+Alt+Down)

Click this button to navigate up or down in the stack trace and have the cursor jump to the corresponding location in the source code.

the Soft-Wrap button

Use Soft Wraps

Click this button to toggle the soft wrap mode of the output.

Scroll to the end

Scroll to the end

Click this button to navigate to the bottom of the stack trace and have the cursor jump to the corresponding location in the source code.

the Print button


Click this button to send the console text to the default printer.

Clear all

Clear All

Click this button to remove all text from the console. This function is also available from the context menu of the console.

the Run button

Execute Groovy Code

Run code, entered in the console.

Last modified: 01 August 2022