IntelliJ IDEA 2022.3 Help

Menus and Toolbars

Use this page to configure the IntelliJ IDEA menus and toolbars.

The Menus and Toolbars settings page

The list shows items in various menus and toolbars, grouped according to the areas of their use.

To configure an item, expand the corresponding node and select the desired item. Use the buttons on the toolbar to edit or remove the selected item, or add a new item under the selected node.



the Add button Add Actions…

Add a new item to the list:

  • Add Action…: Open the Choose Actions to Add dialog where you can select an action and assign an icon to it if necessary.

  • Add Separator: Add a line separator to the menu after the selected item.

the Remove button Remove

Delete the selected item from the list.

the Edit Icon button Edit Icon…

Associate an icon with the selected menu item. In the Choose Action Icon dialog, specify the path to the desired image.

the Move up button Move Up

Move the selected item up.

the Move down button Move Down

Move the selected item one position down.

the Restore icon Restore Actions…

Discard changes and restore default settings, either for the selected item or for all items.

Last modified: 23 November 2022