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Extract constant

The Extract Constant refactoring makes your source code easier to read and maintain. It also helps you avoid using hardcoded constants without any explanations about their values or purpose.

  1. In the editor, select an expression or declaration of a variable you want to replace with a constant.

  2. Press Control+Alt+C to introduce a constant or select Refactor | Extract | Constant.

    Extract constant
  3. Select a name from a list that opens or type your own name and press Enter.

    Alternatively, press Control+Alt+C twice to open the Extract Constant dialog where you can specify the additional options for the constant such as making it private or public, move the constant to another class, and so on.

    the Extract Constant dialog


Let's introduce a constant for the expression "string" that occurs twice throughout code.

public class Class { public void method() { ArrayList list = new ArrayList(); list.add("string"); anotherMethod("string"); } private void anotherMethod(String string) { } }

IntelliJ IDEA extracts the constant and replaces the expression with the constant STRING.

public class Class { private static final String STRING = "string"; public void method() { ArrayList list = new ArrayList(); list.add(STRING); anotherMethod(STRING); } private void anotherMethod(String string) { } }
Last modified: 26 January 2023