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File | Settings | Languages and Frameworks | ColdFusion for Windows and Linux
IntelliJ IDEA | Preferences | Languages and Frameworks | ColdFusion for macOS
Ctrl+Alt+S icons general settings

Use this page to select the ColdFusion language version and to specify mappings for deploying your application to the ColdFusion server.



Language Version

Select the ColdFusion language version.

Server Mappings

In this area, set the correspondence between local folders and logical paths on the server.

  • Directory Path - specify the folder on your local computer, where the source code and resources to be deployed are stored. Type the path manually or click the Browse button and choose the folder in the dialog box, that opens.

  • Logical Path - specify the target folder to deploy the application to. The path should be specified relative to the server root URL defined in the corresponding run configuration.

  • icons general add Alt+Insert - use this icon or shortcut to create a new mapping.

  • icons general remove Alt+Delete - use this icon or shortcut to remove the selected item from the list.

Last modified: 7 July 2020