IntelliJ IDEA 2020.3 Help

Gradle-Android compiler

Use this page to specify settings for compiling Android-Gradle projects. For the additional information on the build process, refer to the Android documentation.

Item Description
Compile independent modules in parallel (may require larger heap size) Select this checkbox if you need to compile independent modules in parallel.
For more information, see decoupled projects.
Command-line Options Use this field to set Gradle command-line options. For more information, see the Gradle command-line options page.
Make project automatically (only works while not running/debugging) Select this checkbox to automatically make (compile) the project on every save or autosave.
Use in-process build Select this checkbox to use the Gradle in-build process.
Configure on demand This checkbox is selected by default. Configuration on demand mode attempts to configure only projects that are relevant for requested tasks. This way, the configuration time of a large multi-project build is greatly improved. For more information, refer to the Gradle configuration on demand page.
Last modified: 12 August 2020