IntelliJ IDEA 2021.3 Help

Profiling tools

Profiling tools are useful for exploring which methods are run most of the time. They can help you find the most expensive methods and understand exactly how they behave.

IntelliJ IDEA is integrated with the following profiling tools:

  • Async Profiler: a very accurate profiler that can also collect native call and memory allocation data.

  • Java Flight Recorder: a standard profiling tool shipped as part of JDK.

IntelliJ IDEA features the Profiler tool window that you can use for opening .jfr and .hprof snapshots, attaching the profilers to running processes, viewing live charts that visualize CPU and memory consumption in running applications.

Snapshots are opened in tabs. This allows you to work with multiple reports at the same time and have the welcome tab always at your disposal.

Attaching a profiler to a process

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Last modified: 12 November 2021