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Debug Tool Window. Frames

The Frames pane enables you to gain access to the list of threads of your application. You can also export to a text file and customize thread presentation. To examine a thread, select it from the list on tolists and type of a thread is indicated by a special icon and a textual note next to the thread's name. For each thread, you can view the stack frame, examine frames, navigate between frames, and automatically jump to a frame's source code in the editor.

To examine the values stored in a frame, use the Variables pane of the Debug tool window.

In this topic:

Thread Status

Thread status



The thread is active and running.


The thread is waiting for a monitor.


The status of the thread cannot be determined.

Threads Icons



icons debugger threadGroup svg

A thread group, or a collection of related threads that can be managed as a unit.

icons debugger threadGroupCurrent svg

The current thread group.

icons debugger threadRunning svg

An active thread.

icons debugger threadSuspended svg

A suspended thread.

icons debugger threadFrozen svg

A frozen thread.

icons debugger threadAtBreakpoint svg

A thread at breakpoint.

icons debugger threadCurrent svg

The current thread at breakpoint.



Drop Frame

Use this command to drop the selected frame, that is go back in time while debugging. This option is only available if there are two or more frames.

Throw Exception

Use this command to throw an exception from the selected location without modifying the code.

Force Return

Use this command to force a return from the current method before the return statement is reached and without executing any more instructions from it. If the method returns a value, you will be prompted to specify it (smart code completion is provided). If the method has try-finally blocks, you will be prompted to choose whether you want to execute them or not.

Copy Stack

Use this command to copy the current thread stack trace.

Add Stepping Filter

Use this command to add a stepping filter in the dialog that opens.

icons toolbarDecorator export svg Export Threads

Use this item to open the Export Threads dialog that allows you to export a thread to the specified text file.

Customize Threads View

Use this item to manage contents of the Frames tab. For example, you can opt to show thread groups, line numbers and so on. Refer to the dialog description for details.



Shortcut and Tooltip


icons actions previousOccurence svg icons actions nextOccurence svg

Previous Frame/Next Frame Ctrl+Alt+Up/

Use the arrow buttons to navigate through the frame stack.

icons general filter svg

Hide Frames from Libraries

Click this button to hide frames from libraries. If this button is released, all frames are displayed.

Last modified: 17 October 2019