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Debug Tool Window. Threads

The Threads pane shows all threads of a process as a tree view, and allows exploring them, customizing thread view, and exporting to a file.

Thread Statuses

Thread statuses are provided by Java to reflect what is currently happening to the thread in the program.

Thread status



The thread is waiting on a Java monitor.


The thread has not yet been started.


The thread is active and running.


The thread is sleeping because Thread.sleep() or JVM_Sleep() was called.


The thread status is unknown.


The thread is waiting after Object.wait() or JVM_MonitorWait() was called.


The thread has completed execution.

Thread Icons

Icons near each thread indicate the status of the thread relative to the current debugging session.



Current thread

The current thread in suspended state.

Running thread

An active thread.

Thread at breakpoint

The thread that has hit the current breakpoint.

Suspended thread

A suspended thread. Threads are marked as suspended when they were paused by the debugger.

Frozen thread

A frozen thread. Threads are marked as frozen when they were manually paused.

Context menu options




Select this option to suspend the selected thread. When a thread is suspended, this menu option toggles to Resume.


Use this command to interrupt the active thread.

Drop Frame

Use this command to drop the selected frame, that is go back in time while debugging. This option is only available if there are two or more frames.

Add Stepping Filter

Use this command to add a stepping filter in the dialog that opens.

Export Threads icon Export Threads

Use this item to open the Export Threads dialog that allows you to export a thread to the specified text file.

Customize Threads View

Use this item to manage contents of the Frames tab. For example, you can opt to show thread groups, line numbers and so on. Refer to the dialog description for details.



Shortcut and Tooltip


Previous Frame button Next Frame button

Previous Frame/Next Frame Ctrl+Alt+Up/

Use the arrow buttons to navigate through the frame stack.

Hide Frames from Libraries button

Hide Frames from Libraries

Click this button to hide frames from libraries. If this button is released, all frames are displayed.

Last modified: 9 December 2019