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Exporting an IntelliJ IDEA Project to Eclipse

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You can export an IntelliJ IDEA project to Eclipse. Such export results in creating Eclipse project files .project and .classpath for each module file *.iml in the module directory that contains the content root. Another way to export an IntelliJ IDEA module to an Eclipse project is converting such module to an Eclipse-compatible format.

Before you start exporting a project, make sure that the Eclipse Integration plugin is enabled.

Exporting to Eclipse

To export the currently open project to Eclipse, follow these steps:

  1. From the main menu, choose File | Export to Eclipse. The Export to Eclipse dialog displays the list of modules that have not been converted and switched to use the Eclipse format yet (the modules that have the IntelliJ IDEA module format .iml).

  2. Select the modules you want to export.

  3. Select the suggested options if necessary.

  4. Click OK.

Converting an IntelliJ IDEA module to the Eclipse-compatible format

To convert an IntelliJ IDEA module to the Eclipse-compatible format, follow these steps:

  1. On the main menu, choose File | Project Structure, or press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S.

  2. In the Project Structure Dialog dialog, select the module you want to convert.

  3. Switch to the Dependencies Tab tab.

  4. From the Dependencies storage format list, select Eclipse (.classpath).

Last modified: 17 October 2019