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Create HTML Wrapper Template Dialog

Use this dialog to configure and create an HTML wrapper template for your Web-targeted ActionScript or Flex application.

The generated template index.template.html will contain a set of tokens, such as ${title}, ${swf}, etc. During the compilation, these tokens will be replaced with the appropriate values. For example, ${swf} will be replaced with the .swf filename. The resulting .html wrapper file will have the same name as the .swf file.

See also, Using the SWF metadata tag to control HTML wrapper properties.



Create HTML wrapper template in the following folder

Specify the folder in which the HTML wrapper template files should be created.

Use the Browse button Shift+Enter to select the folder in the corresponding dialog.

Enable integration with browser navigation

Select this option to enable deep linking.

Deep linking lets users navigate their interactions with the application by using the Back and Forward buttons in their browser.

Check Flash player version

If you select this option, the compiled application will check for the correct version of Flash Player.

Express install

If you select this option, the application will run an SWF file in the existing Flash Player to upgrade users to the latest version of the player.

Last modified: 28 August 2019

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