IntelliJ IDEA 2020.3 Help

Generate XML Schema From Java Using JAXB Dialog

Use this dialog to configure XML Schema generation based on the existing Java code.

Item Description
Class Name This read-only field shows the name of the class to base the XML Schema generation on.
Include parameter and return type of the following methods
  • When the checkbox is cleared, the parameter and return type of all the class methods will be reflected in the generated Schema.

  • Select this checkbox to have a list of the class methods displayed and specify the methods to be involved in Schema generation.

Selecting this checkbox enables the Parameter / return type of the following method and the Add to JAXB generation controls.

Parameter / return type of the following method This read-only field shows a list of all the methods of the current class.
Add to JAXB generation Select this check to have the parameter/return type of the corresponding method involved in Schema generation.
Status View the information in this read-only field to track and improve discrepancies when configuring the Schema generation procedure.
Last modified: 18 July 2020