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Google App Engine facet page

File | Project Structure | Modules | <module> | Google App Engine
File | Project Structure | Facets | Google App Engine (<module>)

Use this page to view and change Google App Engine facet settings.

Note that the Google App Engine facet is not tied to the Web facet. Both facets are independent.

Item Description
Path to Google App Engine SDK installation directory Specify the path to the directory where Google App Engine SDK for Java is installed.
App Engine account In this section, specify your Google account credentials.
Run Enhancer for the following classes and packages on make If this checkbox is selected, the datanucleusenhance step will be executed after each make.

Use Add and Remove buttons to specify the classes and packages to be processed by the enhancer.

By default, the state of this checkbox corresponds to the facet settings made on creating the Google App Engine project.

Persistence This field shows persistence type defined on creating the Google App Engine project. You can select a different one from the drop-down list. Selected persistence type defines which particular enhancer will be used on compilation.
Last modified: 18 July 2020