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Hibernate and JPA Facet Pages

File | Project Structure | Modules | <module> | Hibernate or JPA
File | Project Structure | Facets | Hibernate (<module>) or JPA (<module>)

Use this page to manage configuration and object/relational mapping files, and to download missing libraries.




Use the controls in this section to manage configuration and O/R mapping files such as hibernate.cfg.xml for Hibernate, and persistence.xml and orm.xml for JPA.

icons general add svg (Alt+Insert). Add an existing file or create a new one. In the dialog that opens, specify the file location and name.

icons actions edit svg (Enter). Replace the selected file with another (existing) file. In the dialog that opens, specify the file that you want to use as a replacement.

icons general remove svg (Alt+Delete). Remove the selected file from the list. In the dialog that opens, specify whether you want to physically delete the file. (Otherwise, only the file association with the facet will be removed.)

Default JPA Provider

For JPA: When persistence.xml is created, this setting affects the <provider> element in that file. For example, <provider>org.eclipse.persistence.jpa.PersistenceProvider</provider> will be generated for EclipseLink. There will be no <provider> element if <no provider> is selected.


If there are missing libraries, click this button to fix the problem. (The Setup Library dialog will open.)

Last modified: 14 December 2018

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