IntelliJ IDEA 2023.3 Help

Internationalization and Localization Support


i18n support with IntelliJ IDEA falls into the following major aspects:

  • Internationalization (i18n) involves extracting strings out of your source code and presenting them as properties that are further referenced in the source code.

  • Localization enables translating these properties into the target languages.

Supported features

IntelliJ IDEA provides helpful features that simplify working on software internationalization and localization issues. These features are:

  • Individual for files and directories.

  • Advanced editing assistance for properties files.

  • Auto-detection of resource bundles.

  • Code inspections related to internationalization issues; intention actions, and quick fixes.

  • Dedicated editor for performing mass actions within resource bundles.


Internationalization and Localization support is available for the Django applications.

  1. Download the gettext archive from utilities are downloaded and installed on your machine.

  2. Unpack the downloaded archive.

  3. Add the paths to the bin directories of gettext-runtime and gettext-tools to the $PATH variable.

  4. Create the locale directory in the project root.

  5. Set Django at the project template language.

Last modified: 22 February 2024