IntelliJ IDEA 2024.1 Help

Maven tab

File | Project Structure | Artifacts | <artifact> | Maven

Use this tab to specify settings for Maven projects with WAR artifacts.

the Maven tab



Unpack nested archives

Select this option if you want IntelliJ IDEA to unpack nested JAR files. For example, you have a multi-module Maven project where a module depends on the other one and has an EAR or WAR artifact. In this case, when you import or deploy such module, IntelliJ IDEA creates a JAR file with module dependencies. If you want a dependency to such module be deployed as a folder instead of a JAR file, select this option.

Show content of elements

Select this option if you want the contents of certain elements to be displayed in the layout tree. Click the Browse button to select the needed elements:

  • Show Library Files

  • Show Content of Included Artifacts

  • Show Content of JavaEE Facets

  • Show Content of JPA Resources

JAR files with dependencies
Unpacked into directories
Last modified: 09 April 2024