IntelliJ IDEA 2020.3 Help

Module dependencies tool window

This tool window is available every time you perform the Analyze Module Dependencies command and displays module dependencies as they are defined in the module settings. If any cyclic dependencies are encountered in the selected module, they are specially marked in the tool window. In this tool window, you can change direction of the dependencies, and perform more detailed analysis of the source code.

Toolbar Buttons

Item Description
Close Click this button to close the current tab.
Analyze Dependencies Click this button to open the Specify Dependency Analysis Scope dialog box and analyze dependencies.
Backward Dependencies Click this button to change direction of the dependencies.
Include Test Dependencies Click this button to include test dependencies.

Context menu commands

Item Shortcut Description
Expand All
Collapse All
Ctrl+NumPad +
Ctrl+NumPad -
Fold or unfold all nodes.
Open Module Settings F4
Open settings of the selected module in the Modules page of the Project Structure dialog.
Analyze Dependencies
Analyze Backward Dependencies
Analyze Cyclic Dependencies
Choose one of these commands to perform analysis of dependencies. In the Specify Dependency Analysis Scope dialog box, specify scope of analysis.
Last modified: 19 August 2020