IntelliJ IDEA 2020.1 Help

Configure OSGi project

Project-specific OSGi settings are managed in the Project Settings tab on the OSGi page of the Settings dialog box.

To configure the project-specific OSGi settings

  1. From the Framework Instance list, select the desired framework instance.

    The list contains all the framework instances defined for the currently running IntelliJ IDEA at the IDE level. If the framework instance you need is missing, switch to the Framework Definitions tab and define the required instance there.

    The list shows the names of the framework instances followed by the name of the used framework integrator in parentheses. In case you are opening a project created with another installation of IntelliJ IDEA which does not yet have the framework instance used by the project, undefined will be shown where normally the name of the framework integrator appears. If that is the case, switch to the Framework Definitions tab and define the framework instance.

  2. To have the specified framework instance created for the module, select the Create and maintain the module Framework Instance checkbox.

  3. Specify the default manifest file MANIFEST.MF location.

Last modified: 7 July 2020