IntelliJ IDEA 2023.2 Help

PHP code quality tools

In addition to built-in coding assistance, IntelliJ IDEA provides code style check through integration with the popular code quality tools:

These tools validate your code for consistency with a coding standard of your choice. You can appoint one of the predefined coding standards or use your own previously defined coding standard.

To use code quality tools from IntelliJ IDEA instead of command line, you need to register them in IntelliJ IDEA and configure them as IntelliJ IDEA code inspections. Once installed and enabled in IntelliJ IDEA, the tools can run both on-the-fly and in batch mode.

Install the PHP plugin

This functionality relies on the PHP plugin, which you need to install and enable.

  1. Press Control+Alt+S to open the IDE settings and then select Plugins.

  2. Open the Marketplace tab, find the PHP plugin, and click Install (restart the IDE if prompted).

Last modified: 22 September 2023