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File | Settings | Languages and Frameworks | Play2 for Windows and Linux
IntelliJ IDEA | Preferences | Languages and Frameworks | Play2 for macOS


Use this tab to manually specify settings for the Play2 compiler if they were not generated automatically during the project import or if the project was created with an external tool such as gen-idea.



Use SBT Watcher

Select this checkbox to separately execute an SBT process with ~compile:test command. In this case IntelliJ IDEA monitors project sources and recompiles the project when changes are detected.

Use Play 2 compiler for this project

Select this checkbox to use the Play 2 compiler version to enable the Play 2 compiler for this project explicitly .

Don't compile the project within IDEA before run

Select this checkbox if you do not want to compile the project before run. SBT will additionally compile the necessary source files.

Play2 module

Use this field to specify the Play 2 module for this project.

Project uri

Use this field to specify the SBT project's root address. For the imported projects, the SBT project's root matches the content root of the IntelliJ IDEA project.

Additional SBT options

Use this field to specify additional options that you can pass directly to SBT. For example, -Xmx2048M.


Use this tab to configure settings for the routes file in your project.



Minimum space for routes formatting

Use this field to set a minimum space for routes formating.

Ignore URL depth in route files

Select this checkbox to ignore the URL depth in the routes files.

Re-format routes file on Enter

Select this checkbox to reformat new entry in your routes file when you press Enter.


Use this tab to configure additional settings for your Pla2 project.



Exclude 'target' dir on refresh

By default, when you refresh a project the 'target' directory is excluded. Clear this checkbox if you want to include the 'target' directory when your refresh your project.

Set template imports manually

Select this checkbox to add the Play2 framework's imports manually to your project.

Last modified: 8 April 2020