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Plugin Deployment Tab

Use the Plugin Deployment tab of the Module page to specify the settings related to deploying your plugin.

Note that this tab is available for Plugin modules only. For information about developing plugins, see IntelliJ Platform SDK Developer Guide.



Path to META-INF\plugin.xml

Specify the path to the directory in which the directory META-INF with the file plugin.xml inside should be located. Use browseButton (Shift+Enter) to select the directory in the Select META-INF Directory Location dialog.

plugin.xml is a plugin descriptor that contains general information about the plugin. This information includes the plugin name, description and version, the lowest IntelliJ IDEA build number with which it works as well as descriptions of the component and actions.

IntelliJ IDEA needs this file to be able to load the plugin.

plugin.xml should be located in the directory with the name META-INF.

Use user manifest

Select this checkbox if you want a custom manifest file to be included in the plugin distribution.

Specify the path to the file. Use browseButton (Shift+Enter) to select the file in the Select dialog.

Last modified: 14 December 2018

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