IntelliJ IDEA 2020.3 Help

Settings / Preferences dialog

The Settings dialog enables you to control behavior and appearance of IntelliJ IDEA.

Use the the Search button search field in the upper-left part of the dialog to find the options of interest. Alternatively, you can browse the settings using the hierarchical list of categories (groups of settings) underneath the search box.

Searching the settings

On this page find the descriptions of the main controls of the dialog.

Item Description
Search Enter a search keyword in the text area. While typing the search string, the list of options in the dialog reduces to the matching occurrences.
the Clear icon Click this button to clear the search area.
OK Apply changes and close the dialog.
Cancel Discard changes and close the dialog.
Apply Apply changes and leave the dialog opened.
Help Show reference page.
Last modified: 28 August 2020