IntelliJ IDEA 2024.1 Help

History tab

The History tab is added to the Version Control tool window Alt+9 on invoking the Show History or Show History for Selection action. A new tab is created for each file or directory with the following name: History: <file_name>. The set of toolbar buttons differs slightly depending on your version control system.

The asterisk next to a commit marks commits where the author and the user who committed the changes are different.


Tooltip and Shortcut



Branch filter

Click Branch and select a branch to review changes made to a file within this branch.

the Refresh button


Click this button to refresh the current information.

the Show diff icon

Show Diff


Click this button to compare the selected revision of a file with its previous revision in the Diff Viewer.

the Show All Affected Files button

Show All Affected Files


Click this button to open the Paths Affected in Revision dialog, where you can view all files that were modified in the selected revision.

the Eye icon

View Options

Click to choose the amount of information you want to see in the History view. You can also select the Show Commit Timestamp option if you want IntelliJ IDEA to show the commit timestamp instead of the time when a change was authored.

Also, select the type of info you want to see:

  • Show Details to display the commit message for the selected revision.

  • Show Diff Preview to open a diff preview for the selected revision.

the Open on GitHub button

Open on GitHub

Click this button to open the page that corresponds to the selected commit on GitHub.

Open on GitLab

Click this button to open the page that corresponds to the selected commit on GitLab.

the Resume button

Enable Git Log Indexing

Click this button to improve working with history of changes across the IDE. Indexing project repositories allows:

  • Fast log filtering and computing precise history.

  • Displaying all branches in file history.

  • Searching across history in Search Everywhere.

To disable this option, go to Settings | Version Control | Confirmation | Log.


Renaming column

Click this column to expand it and review the history of file's renaming. Hover over the column to see the changes in the file's path.

Last modified: 22 February 2024