IntelliJ IDEA 2019.2 Help

Vim Emulation

File | Settings | Vim Emulation for Windows and Linux
IntelliJ IDEA | Preferences | Vim Emulation for macOS
Ctrl+Alt+S the Settings/Preferences icon




Lists keyboard shortcuts used in IntelliJ IDEA.

IDE Action

Lists actions performed by IntelliJ IDEA on pressing the corresponding keyboard shortcuts.


Defines how the shortcut will be handled: as an IDE action or by Vim emulation.

  • Undefined: show a popup notification that suggests to either redefine the IDE shortcut or configure the handler in Vim emulation settings.

    Shortcut notification
  • IDE: perform the IDE action associated with this shortcut.

  • Vim: handle it as a Vim shortcut.

For more information, see Configure shortcuts.

Last modified: 17 October 2019