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@Ignore without Reason

@Ignore without Reason

Ignoring a test without a reason makes it difficult to figure out the problem later. Please define an explicit reason why it is ignored, and when it can be resolved.

Issue id: IgnoreWithoutReason

Available options:

allow-comments (default is true):

Whether to allow a comment next to the @Ignore tag to be considered providing a reason.

Normally you have to specify an annotation argument to the @Ignore annotation, but with this option you can configure whether it should also allow ignore reasons to specified by a comment adjacent to the ignore tag.

To configure this option, use a lint.xml file with an <option> like this:

<lint> <issue id="IgnoreWithoutReason"> <option name="allow-comments" value="true" /> </issue> </lint>

Inspection Details

Available in:

IntelliJ IDEA 2023.3, Qodana for Android 2023.3, Qodana for JVM 2023.3


Android, 2022.3.1 Beta 2

Last modified: 13 July 2023