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Data Flow Analysis

Array Index Out Of Bounds  

Reports array or pointer variable access expressions where index may be out of bounds of an array or allocated buffer.

Constant Function Result  

Reports the functions where the return value is always the same constant.

Constant Parameter  

Reports function parameters that always have the same value.

Constant condition  

Reports conditions that are always true or false and expressions whose value is statically proven to be constant.

Context-sensitive analysis  

Reports the issues found by the context-sensitive data flow analyser.

Dangling Pointer  

Reports the usages of the pointers that refer to the memory already deleted by the delete operator or the free(void* ptr) function.

Endless Loop  

Reports the for, while, do while, and goto statements that exit only by throwing an exception.

Infinite Recursion  

Reports methods and functions with infinite recursion.

Interprocedural analysis   New in this release

Interprocedural summary-based static code analysis.

Local Value Escapes Scope  

Reports the references to local values that escape the function Example: int *escapeLocalScope() { int lv = 100; return &lv; }.

Loop condition isn't updated inside the loop  

Reports the loop conditions that are not updated inside the loop.

Memory Leak  

Reports the allocations of memory (either new operator or malloc() function) that were not released before they become non-accessible.

Not Initialized Field  

Reports the fields that may have not been initialized before their usage.

Null Dereference  

Reports dereferences of the pointers that may contain nullptr.

Unreachable Calls Of Function  

Reports the functions which calls are never used.

Unreachable Code   New in this release

Reports the code pieces that are never executed in any control flow and can be removed safely.

Unused Local Variable  

Reports the local variables that are declared but never accessed for reading.

Unused Parameter  

Reports the parameters that are declared but never accessed for reading and can be removed safely.

Unused Value  

Reports the variable values that are never used after being assigned.

Last modified: 18 June 2024