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Argument selection defect  

Reports mismatches between the argument identifier name and the formal parameter name.

Clangd errors and warnings  

Reports C/C++ errors and warnings from clangd.

Empty declaration or statement  

Reports empty declarations and statements that can be removed safely.

Inconsistent Naming  

Reports the names that don't match the naming convention for that kind of symbol.

Preprocessor directive comment  

Reports the mismatches between the preprocessor #endif comments and macro names.

Simplifiable statement  

Reports the statements that can be simplified, such as constant conditions, identical if branches, redundant boolean expressions, and others.

Unconstrained variable type  

Reports cases where an expression constrained by a concept is assigned to a variable declared as auto and suggests adding a type constraint.

Virtual call from constructor or destructor  

Reports virtual member function calls from constructors or destructors.

Last modified: 18 June 2024