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Deprecated property  

Reports EditorConfig properties that are no longer supported.

Duplicate character class letter  

Reports wildcard patterns in the EditorConfig section that contain a duplicate character in the character class, for example [aa].

Duplicate or redundant pattern  

Reports file patterns that are redundant as there already are other patterns that define the same scope of files or even a broader one.

EditorConfig section is not unique  

Reports sections that define the same file pattern as other sections.

Empty header  

Reports sections with an empty header.

Empty section  

Reports sections that do not contain any EditorConfig properties.

Extra top-level declaration  

Reports multiple top-level declarations.

File encoding doesn't match EditorConfig charset  

Checks that current file encoding matches the encoding defined in "charset" property of .editorconfig file.

Invalid .editorconfig file  

Verifies the whole file using the backing EditorConfig core library and reports any failures.

Invalid property value  

Reports property values that do not meet value restrictions.

Invalid reference  

Reports identifiers that are either unknown or have a wrong type.

No matching files  

Reports sections with wildcard patterns that do not match any files under the directory in which the .editorconfig file is located.

Non-unique list value  

Reports duplicates in lists of values.

Overlapping sections  

Reports subsets of files specified in the current section that overlap with other subsets in other sections.

Overridden property  

Reports properties that are already defined in other sections.

Overriding property  

Reports properties that override the same properties defined earlier in the file.

Redundant property  

Reports properties that are redundant when another applicable section already contains the same property and value.

Redundant wildcard  

Reports wildcards that become redundant when the “** ” wildcard is used in the same section.

Required declarations are missing  

Reports properties that miss the required declarations.

Space in file pattern  

Reports space characters in wildcard patterns that affect pattern matching.

Too many wildcards  

Reports sections that contain too many wildcards.

Unexpected comma  

Reports commas that cannot be used in the current context.

Unexpected key-value pair  

Reports key-value pairs that are not allowed in the current context.

Unexpected top-level declaration  

Reports unexpected top-level declarations.

Unexpected value list  

Reports lists of values that are used in properties in which lists are not supported.

Unknown property  

Reports properties that are not supported by the IDE.

Unnecessary braces  

Reports pattern lists that are either empty {} or contain just one pattern, for example {foo} in contrast to a list containing multiple patterns, for example {foo,bar}.

Unnecessary character class  

Reports character classes that consist of a single character.

Unused declaration  

Reports unused declarations.

Last modified: 18 June 2024