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Built-in errors   New in this release

Reports FreeMarker language errors.

Built-in is deprecated  

Reports deprecated built-ins (for example, default, exists, if_exists, web_safe).

Directive is malformed  

Reports malformed FreeMarker directives (for example, wrong nesting, missing closing tags, and so on).

Incorrect expression type  

Reports incorrect FreeMarker expression types.

Invalid call directive  

Reports FreeMarker calls that do not match the macro declaration (for example, missing parameters, wrong type, and so on).

Unresolved external call  

Reports unresolved #macro and #function directives located in other files.

Unresolved file reference  

Reports unresolved FreeMarker file references in #include and #import directives.

Unresolved reference  

Reports unresolved FreeMarker references.

Last modified: 18 June 2024