Inspectopedia Help


Deprecated element  

Reports usages of deprecated elements.

Disabled GOPATH indexing  

Reports disabled GOPATH indexing that might prevent proper resolution of code references.

Fuzzing is supported starting with Go 1.18  

Reports presence of fuzz tests when Go SDK version is less than 1.

Malformed test function name  

Reports malformed names of tests, benchmarks, and examples.

Missing trailing comma before a newline in a composite literal  

Reports a missing trailing comma before a newline in composite literals, function call arguments, and function parameter lists.

Redundant parentheses  

Reports redundant parentheses in expressions and types.

Unexported return type of the exported function  

Reports exported functions with unexported return types.

Unnecessarily exported identifier  

Reports exported identifiers that are used only in the package where they are defined but are not used in other packages.

Usage of 'interface{}' as a type  

Reports usages of the empty interface as a type or type constraint.

Usage of context.TODO()  

Reports usages of context.

Last modified: 29 April 2024