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Empty tag  

Reports empty tags that do not work in some browsers.

Incorrect boolean attribute  

Reports an HTML non-boolean attribute without a value.

Malformed content of 'script' tag  

Reports contents of script tags that are invalid XML.

Mismatched image size  

Reports a width and height attribute value of a img tag that is different from the actual width and height of the referenced image.

Missing closing tag  

Reports an HTML element without a closing tag.

Missing required attribute  

Reports a missing mandatory attribute in an XML/HTML tag.

Obsolete attribute  

Reports an obsolete HTML5 attribute.

Obsolete tag  

Reports an obsolete HTML5 tag.

Presentational tag  

Reports a presentational HTML tag.

Redundant closing tag  

Reports redundant closing tags on empty elements, for example, img or br.

Unknown attribute  

Reports an unknown HTML attribute.

Unknown tag  

Reports an unknown HTML tag.

Unresolved file in a link  

Reports an unresolved file in a link.

Unresolved fragment in a link  

Reports an unresolved last part of an URL after the # sign.

Unresolved web link  

Reports an unresolved web link.

Wrong attribute value  

Reports an incorrect HTML attribute value.


Sub-group of 6 inspections that provide checks for Accessibility

Last modified: 29 April 2024