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Absolute paths  

Reports absolute paths in JSP files.

EL deferred expressions inspection  

Reports dynamic expressions where deferred expressions are expected and vice versa.

EL method function parameters count  

Reports different number of formal and actual parameters in EL function call.

EL method signature inspection  

Reports method calls in EL that don't match method-signature constraints in TLD files.

JSP EL specification validation  

Reports possible problems caused by non-standard EL extensions: JSF EL expressions outside attributes, non-standard EL expressions, and so on.

Jsp directive inspection  

Reports JSP import directives without a URI or tagdir attributes.

Jsp properties inspection  

Reports unresolved properties from *.

References to classes from the default package in JSP files  

Reports any references to classes from the default package in JSP files.

Self-including JSP files  

Reports any include directives in a JSP file which refer to the containing JSP file.

Tag body content type  

Reports JSP tag body content that does not conform to the TLD body-content specification.

Tag library descriptor inspection  

Reports problems in JSP TLD files.

Unescaped EL Expressions  

Reports non-safe data in unescaped EL expressions in JSP pages.

Unhandled Exception in JSP  

Reports exceptions that are thrown by top-level JSP scriptlets.

Last modified: 29 April 2024