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Data flow

Boolean method is always inverted  

Reports methods with a boolean return type that are always negated when called.

Boolean variable is always inverted  

Reports boolean variables or fields which are always negated when their value is used.

Law of Demeter  

Reports Law of Demeter violations.

Negatively named boolean variable  

Reports negatively named variables, for example: disabled, hidden, or isNotChanged.

Redundant local variable  

Reports unnecessary local variables that add nothing to the comprehensibility of a method, including: Local variables that are immediately returned.

Reuse of local variable  

Reports local variables that are "reused" overwriting their values with new values unrelated to their original use.

Scope of variable is too broad  

Reports any variable declarations that can be moved to a smaller scope.

Use of variable whose value is known to be constant  

Reports any usages of variables which are known to be constant.

Last modified: 18 June 2024