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'<code>...</code>' can be replaced with '{@code ...}'  

Reports usages of <code> tags in Javadoc comments.

'' without 'package' statement  

Reports package-info.

'package.html' may be converted to ''  

Reports any package.

Blank line should be replaced with <p> to break lines  

Reports blank lines in Javadoc comments.

Comment replaceable with Javadoc  

Reports a regular comment that belongs to a field, method, or class that can be replaced with a Javadoc comment.

Dangling Javadoc comment  

Reports Javadoc comments that don't belong to any class, method or field.

Declaration has problems in Javadoc references  

Reports unresolved references inside Javadoc comments.

HTML problems in Javadoc (DocLint)  

Reports the same HTML issues in the Javadoc comments that have been reported by DocLint since Java 8.

Javadoc declaration problems  

Reports Javadoc comments and tags with the following problems: invalid tag names incomplete tag descriptions duplicated tags missing Javadoc descriptions Example: /** * Invalid tag name * @poram param description */ public void sample(int param){ } Example: /** * Pointing to itself {@link #sample(int)} */ public void sample(int param){ } Quick-fix adds the unknown Javadoc tag to the list of user defined additional tags.

Link specified as plain text  

Reports plain text links in Javadoc comments.

Mismatch between Javadoc and code  

Reports parts of method specification written in English that contradict with the method declaration.

Missing '@Deprecated' annotation  

Reports module declarations, classes, fields, or methods that have the @deprecated Javadoc tag but do not have the @java.

Missing ''  

Reports packages that contain classes but do not contain the package-info.

Missing Javadoc  

Reports missing Javadoc comments and tags.

Unnecessary '{@inheritDoc}' Javadoc comment  

Reports Javadoc comments that contain only an {@inheritDoc} tag.

Unnecessary Javadoc link  

Reports Javadoc @see, {@link}, and {@linkplain} tags that refer to the method owning the comment, the super method of the method owning the comment, or the class containing the comment.

Last modified: 29 April 2024