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Data provider problems  

Reports references to data provider methods that do not exist or are not accessible.

Duplicated data provider names  

Reports TestNG data providers with equal names if org.

Expected exception never thrown in test method body  

Reports checked exceptions expected by a TestNG test method that are never thrown inside the method body.

Illegal method name passed to 'dependsOnMethods'  

Reports illegal method names passed to the dependsOnMethods attribute in the @Test annotation.

Invalid data provider return type  

Reports methods marked with @DataProvider annotation that doesn't return Object[][] or Iterator<Object>.

JUnit Test can be converted to TestNG  

Reports any JUnit-based test class that can be converted into TestNG based unit test.

Old TestNG annotation @Configuration is used  

Reports TestNG org.

TestNG Javadoc can be converted to annotations  

Asserts your TestNG tests with Javadoc annotations and converts them to JDK annotations.

Undeclared test  

Reports test classes that are not registered in testing.

Undefined group name  

Reports undefined group names passed to the dependsOnGroups or groups attributes in the @Test annotation.

Last modified: 29 April 2024