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Deprecated symbol used  

Reports a usage of a deprecated function variable.

Destructuring properties with the same key  

Reports multiple destructuring properties with identical keys.

Duplicate declaration  

Reports multiple declarations in a scope.

ECMAScript specification is not followed  

Reports basic syntax issues and inconsistencies with language specification, such as invalid usages of keywords, usages of incompatible numeric format, or multiple parameters to getters/setters.

Implicitly declared global JavaScript variable  

Reports an implicit declaration of a global variable.

Import can be shortened  

Reports an ES6 import whose from part can be shortened.

Inaccessible @private and @protected members referenced  

Reports a reference to a JavaScript member that is marked with a @private or @protected tag but does not comply with visibility rules that these tags imply.

Incorrect usage of JSDoc tags  

Reports warnings implied by Google Closure Compiler annotations including correct use of @abstract, @interface, and @implements tags.

JQuery selector can be optimized  

Reports a duplicated jQuery selector that can be cached or a usage of an attribute or a pseudo-selector (optional).

JSX syntax used  

Reports a usage of a JSX tag in JavaScript code.

Method can be made 'static'  

Reports a class method that can be safely made static.

Mismatched JSDoc and function signature  

Reports mismatch between the names and the number of parameters within a JSDoc comment and the actual parameters of a function.

Mismatched query and update of collection  

Reports a collection of fields or variables whose contents are either queried and not updated or updated and not queried.

Missed locally stored library for HTTP link  

Reports a URL of an external JavaScript library that is not associated with any locally stored file.

Non-strict mode used  

Reports a JavaScript file that is not in the strict mode.

Primitive type object wrapper used  

Reports an improper usage of a wrapper for primitive types or a property of a primitive type being modified, as in the latter case the assigned value will be lost.

Property can be replaced with shorthand  

Reports an object property that can be converted to ES6 shorthand style and provides a quick-fix to do it.

Redundant nesting in template literal  

Reports nested instances of a string or a template literal.

Referencing mutable variable from closure  

Reports access to outer mutable variables from functions.

Signature mismatch  

Reports a JavaScript call expression where the arguments do not match the signature of the referenced function, including the types of arguments and their number.

Syntax errors and unresolved references in JSDoc  

Reports a syntax discrepancy in a documentation comment.

Type mismatch  

Reports incorrect type of: a parameter in a function call a return value an assigned expression TypeScript code is ignored.

Unfiltered loop  

Reports unfiltered for-in loops.

Unnecessary semicolon  

Reports an unneeded semicolon.

Unneeded last comma in array literal  

Reports a usage of a trailing comma in an array literal.

Unneeded last comma in object literal  

Reports usages of a trailing comma in object literals.

Unresolved Ext JS xtype  

Reports an Ext JS xtype reference that doesn't have a corresponding class.

Unresolved JSX component  

Reports an unresolved reference to a JSX component.

Unresolved file reference  

Reports an unresolved file reference in a JavaScript file, including CommonJS and AMD modules references.

Unresolved reference  

Reports an unresolved reference in JavaScript code.

Use of possibly unassigned property in a static initializer  

Reports a class member initializer which references another non-hoisted class member while the latter may be not initialized yet.

Variable declaration can be merged with the first assignment to the variable  

Reports a variable that is declared without an initializer and is used much further in the code or in a single nested scope.

Webpack config compliance with JSON Schema  

Validates options in webpack config files (which name should start with `webpack`, e.

Last modified: 29 April 2024