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Abstract class constructor can be made protected  

Reports a public constructor of an abstract class and suggests making it protected (because it is useless to have it public).

Assigned constructor field parameter  

Reports a common mistake in TypeScript code, when a class field is declared as a constructor parameter, and then this parameter is assigned.

Duplicate union or intersection type component  

Reports a duplicate type inside a union or intersection.

Equality operator may cause type coercion  

Reports a usage of equality operators may cause unexpected type coercions.

Explicit types  

Reports a type annotation that doesn't match the current code style for explicit types.

Field can be readonly  

Reports a private field that can be made readonly (for example, if the field is assigned only in the constructor).

Inconsistent tsconfig.json properties  

Reports inconsistency of a paths, checkJs, or extends property in a tsconfig.

Incorrect generic type argument  

Reports an invalid type argument in a function, interface, or class declaration.

Missing augmentation import  

Reports a usage from augmentation module without an explicit import.

Missing global library  

Reports a TypeScript library file that is required for a symbol but is not listed under the lib compiler option in tsconfig.

Missing tsconfig.json option  

Reports a usage that requires an explicit option in tsconfig.

Narrowed type  

Reports a usage of a variable where the variable type is narrowed by a type guard.

Redundant type arguments  

Reports a type argument that is equal to the default one and can be removed.

Referenced UMD global variable  

Reports a usage of a Universal Module Definition (UMD) global variable if the current file is a module (ECMAScript or CommonJS).

Type mismatch  

Reports a parameter, return value, or assigned expression of incorrect type.

Type mismatch in 'any' type  

Reports a function call with a parameter, return value, or assigned expression or incorrect type, if the context symbol can be implicitly resolved to the any type.

Unresolved JSX component  

Reports an unresolved reference to a JSX component.

Unresolved TypeScript reference  

Reports an unresolved reference in TypeScript code.

Unresolved imported name  

Reports an unresolved name or binding in an import declaration in TypeScript code.

Last modified: 29 April 2024