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Java interop issues

'inline fun' extension receiver can be explicitly nullable until Kotlin 1.2  

Reports inline functions with non-nullable extension receivers which don't use the fact that extension receiver is not nullable.

'inline fun' with nullable receiver until Kotlin 1.2  

Reports potentially unsafe calls of inline functions with flexible nullable (platform type with unknown nullability) extension receivers.

Call of Java mutator method on immutable Kotlin collection  

Reports Java mutator methods calls (like fill, reverse, shuffle, sort) on an immutable Kotlin collection.

Function or property has platform type  

Reports functions and properties that have a platform type.

Inheritance of Kotlin sealed interface/class from Java  

Reports attempts to inherit from Kotlin sealed interfaces or classes in Java code.

Kotlin JVM annotation in Java  

Reports useless Kotlin JVM annotations in Java code.

Kotlin non-const property used as Java constant  

Reports Kotlin properties that are not const and used as Java annotation arguments.

Package name does not match containing directory  

Reports package directives that do not match the location of the file.

Usage of Kotlin internal declarations from Java  

Reports usages of Kotlin internal declarations in Java code that is located in a different module.

Last modified: 18 June 2024