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Other problems

'Enum.values()' is recommended to be replaced by 'Enum.entries' since 1.9  

Reports calls from Kotlin to values() method in enum classes that can be replaced with entries property read.

'Enum.values()' is recommended to be replaced by 'Enum.getEntries()' since Kotlin 1.9  

Reports calls from Java to values() method of Kotlin enum classes that can be replaced with getEntries().

'HashMap' can be replaced with 'EnumMap'  

Reports hashMapOf function or HashMap constructor calls that can be replaced with an EnumMap constructor call.

'StringBuilder.append(CharArray, offset, len)' call on the JVM  

Reports a StringBuilder.append(CharArray, offset, len) function call on the JVM platform that should be replaced with a StringBuilder.appendRange(CharArray, startIndex, endIndex) function call.

@Deprecated annotation without 'replaceWith' argument  

Reports deprecated functions and properties that do not have the kotlin.ReplaceWith argument in its kotlin.deprecated annotation and suggests to add one based on their body.

Argument could be converted to 'Set' to improve performance  

Detects the function calls that could work faster with an argument converted to Set.

Diagnostic name should be replaced  

Reports suppressions with old diagnostic names, for example @Suppress("HEADER_WITHOUT_IMPLEMENTATION").

Floating-point literal exceeds the available precision  

Reports floating-point literals that cannot be represented with the required precision using IEEE 754 Float and Double types.

Missing KDoc comments for public declarations  

Reports public declarations that do not have KDoc comments.

Public API declaration with implicit return type  

Reports public and protected functions and properties that have an implicit return type.

Redundant empty initializer block  

Reports redundant empty initializer blocks.

Uses of <code>{0}</code> should probably be replaced with more robust logging   New in this release

Reports usages of print or println.

Last modified: 18 June 2024