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Inappropriate @inheritDoc usage  

Reports inappropriate @inheritDoc usages: On non-class members On class members without any super members having a doc comment.

Number ranges mismatch  

Reports the assignments and return statements whose arguments do not match the expected ranges specified via int<min, max> PHPDoc syntax.

ObjectShape can be added  

Reports public properties of an object with specified types.

PHPDoc comment matches function/method signature  

Reports the parameters' names and types in a PHPDoc comment that do not match the ones in the function/method declaration.

Redundant @throws tag(s)  

Reports @throws tags for exceptions that are not thrown by the function or method.

Redundant @var tag  

Reports the @var tags for variables whose type is already inferred from source code.

Redundant PHPDoc comment  

Reports PHPDoc comments or their parts that contain the information already provided in declarations.

Return type in PHPDoc comment does not match the actual return type  

Reports the return types in PHPDoc comments that do not match the actual return type of a function.

Type already exists in PHPDoc tag  

Reports duplicate types in PHPDoc comments.

Type doesn't match property's declared type  

Reports the properties' types in PHPDoc @var tags that do not match the declared type of a property.

Type tag without variable name  

Reports the PHPDoc type tags (@var,@type,@param) that are provided without a specified variable/parameter name.

Code style  

Sub-group of 5 inspections that provide checks for Code style

Last modified: 29 April 2024