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Refactoring opportunities

Class has too many declared members  

Reports the classes that have too many properties or methods.

Complex class should be refactored  

Reports the classes that are too complex.

Complex function should be refactored  

Reports the functions or methods that are too complex.

Function has too high cyclomatic complexity  

Reports the methods that have high cyclomatic complexity and can probably be simplified.

Halstead metric  

Reports the methods with high Halstead Complexity metric.

LCOM metric  

Reports the classes that have high Lack of Cohesion metric value, which represents the degree of cohesiveness of a class.

Member can be pulled up  

Reports the class methods and properties that should be pulled up to the parent class or interface.

Method has Feature Envy on another class  

Reports the "Feature Envy" code smell.

Last modified: 29 April 2024