Inspectopedia Help

Properties files

Duplicate property  

Reports duplicate property keys with different values, duplicate keys, or duplicate property values.

Inconsistent resource bundle  

Reports problems in the properties files contained in the resource bundle.

Missing message format parameter  

Reports properties values that look like java.

Properties file or resource bundle is alphabetically unsorted  

Reports alphabetically unsorted resource bundles or .

Property key/value delimiter doesn't match code style settings  

Reports properties in which key or value delimiters do not match code style settings.

Suspicious resource bundle locale languages  

Reports locales with language codes that are not supported by Java.

Three dot characters instead of the ellipsis  

Reports three "dot" characters which are used instead of the ellipsis character for UTF-8 properties files.

Trailing spaces in property  

Reports properties whose keys or values end with a whitespace.

Unused property  

Reports properties that are not referenced outside of the .

Last modified: 29 April 2024